Here you find a brief specification

of the big variety of possibilities


you will have

by using ASCII Key.



ASCII Key is a utility using unformatted text files (ASCII- or other character sets). It uses the platform

"EXCEL© 97 / 2000 ". 


The main focus  of the program is


"comparing the contents of two text files",


"identifying duplicate records"




These features always refer to the "key columns", which can be determined using a special function before starting the program.


More features:



Copy selected columns from one file to another in case of identical keys  


Extraction of columns:

Cut out selected columns of a text file


Merge / Sort:

Merge 2 text files, sort according to the concatenated key. For each file the key maybe placed at different columns.



Split a text file into several smaller files by counting the lines, extract lines without previous loading into an editor (very fast), split a file according to its key columns



Counting the occurrences of words in text files (giving the number for each different word)            



All functions maybe extended by repetition (input = output, e.g. searching common keys in several files). For an easy start of the program you may save all parameters as well as the paths of all input and output files in  a "variant" (only in registered  version). It is possible to store your variants in a separate Excel file so that when substituting the ASCII Key  file (e.g. by a new version) all your saved settings are preserved.

There is no general restriction  concerning the number of lines ASCII Key is able to process. This number only depends on the features of your computer, especially on the RAM size.

All text elements of the program maybe shown in English or German .

The download ZIP archive includes a detailed help file with many screen shots.


Screen shots




Examples for applications








If you now are getting curious about ASCII Key, why not download the latest shareware version ?




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